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How to Set Up a Concrete Pour

Pumping concrete in Santa Rosa

Step One

Hire a local, licensed and reputable concrete contractor.

The first thing you need to do to get your project rolling is contact a licensed, and reputable concrete contractor. The concrete contractor will handle all of the logistics of setting up your concrete pour including booking us. They will design and build your footings, forms and walls for you. They essentially build the infrastructure that will be receiving the concrete and are the job site conductor making sure everything goes smoothly. If you are not using a concrete contractor, and you are doing it all yourself move on to step two.

Step two

If you are setting up your own pour and not using a contractor here’s the next step.

If you are handling all aspects of your pour the next step after you have built your forms and are ready for concrete is to contact a local ready mix company who makes and delivers concrete. All you have to do is call a ready mix company of your choice ( we have quite a few recommendations call us!) , ask for dispatch, and tell them you need to book concrete for whatever date and time you need. Tell them you will be using a line pump with a 2.5″ hose. You are now on their books, and they will be delivering concrete to the address provided and at the time a date requested.

Step three

What you do after you book concrete

Once you have your concrete time booked with a local ready mix company you then call us, Redwood Concrete Pump, and book us for your pour. All you need to tell us is what time you booked concrete for. We will arrive a half hour early for set up. We will pump your concrete, you or your finishers will finish your concrete, you pay us and we leave the job. Much easier than a wheelbarrow!

Book today

Have anymore questions? Still a little confused? Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our helpful and friendly staff. We can get your pour rolling in the best possible direction.

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