What is a Concrete Pumping Service?

A basic introduction to Concrete Pumping

A concrete pumping company, like Redwood Concrete Pump Service, is hired when the concrete Ready Mix truck ( the big truck with the mixer drum ) cannot physically make it to where you are pouring concrete. Let’s say you have a small patio that needs to be poured in your back yard and the Ready Mix Truck is only able to pull into your front driveway and can’t fit in the back of your small yard without dismantling your entire fence. That truck has several yards of concrete loaded, how are you going to move all of that concrete from the truck to your back yard patio?

you Call a concrete pumping service

Using a wheelbarrow to move 9 yards of concrete from the mixer truck to your back yard patio is not something you want to do. That is where Redwood Concrete Pump Service steps in. We provide a piece of equipment called a Concrete Line Pump and are able to pump your 9 yards of concrete through a 2.5″ rubber hose. Instead of spending hours wheelbarrowing your concrete from the mixer truck to your back yard patio, we are able to complete the task in a fraction of the time by pumping all that concrete through our concrete pump, through the hose and right into your patio form. Ultimately saving you money on reduced man hours. Click on the button below to give us a call. There is no dumb question, we’d love to help you!

Schwing SP 500 Concrete Line Pump
Pumping concrete in Santa Rosa

Redwood Concrete Pump Service

Our operator places the concrete exactly where the finishing crew needs it.

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